Accurate Measurement and Portability: VT-FUP-001, the Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The VT-FUP-001 portable ultrasonic flowmeter is an innovative device designed to measure the flow of liquids in pipes accurately and without the need for direct contact. Its operation is based on ultrasonic technology, where the sensor is installed on the outer wall of the pipe and emits ultrasonic waves that are reflected by the moving liquid particles, allowing the flow to be calculated with high precision.

The data measured by the sensor is displayed clearly and directly on the display of the ultrasonic flowmeter module, making it easy to read and monitor the flow in real time. Additionally, this data can also be conveniently stored on an SD card, allowing for later analysis and recording for process monitoring and control purposes.

This portable device is designed to be mounted in a rugged suitcase, making it easy to transport and protect during use in different applications and environments. In addition, it has a 12V 12Ah battery that provides an autonomy of approximately 12 hours, ensuring continuous and reliable operation even in prolonged working conditions.