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We specialize in implementing advanced monitoring systems and services, using cutting-edge technology to optimize processes in various industries such as mining, transportation, agriculture, and paper/forestry, among others. We stand out for our close collaboration and joint work with experts in different areas, including electronic engineering, data analysis, connectivity, telematics, metallurgy, biomechanics, among other disciplines. Our focus is on achieving tangible results, offering customized solutions for each client.

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Continuous Improvement
Mining Industry

At the heart of the mining industry, every second counts. Our monitoring services not only delve deep into the earth, but also explore the complexities of mining efficiency and safety. From early anomaly detection to operations optimization, our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with practical experience

Efficient Sensors
Continuous monitoring

Sensors are fundamental devices that play a crucial role in detecting and measuring changes in the environment, converting energy into an electrical signal readable by electronic devices. This sensor capability is used in a wide range of applications, from industry to medicine and security.

The most common types of sensors include: temperature, light, humidity, pressure, motion, proximity, pH and oxygen.

These sensors are an essential part of many electronic devices, machinery and installations. Its ability to detect and measure changes in the environment allows devices to respond intelligently to their environment, improving efficiency and security in various applications.

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Innovation in Mining Sensorization

Discover how our next-generation sensor technology is revolutionizing the mining industry.

PIAR identification panel

CAEX Coordination Modular Traffic Light

Fuel Control System

Building Future,
Forging Solutions

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ISO 9001

Environmental Management


ISO 14000

We are specialists in transforming challenges into opportunities. We approach each project with a unique and creative perspective, turning obstacles into platforms for success.

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